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What's your Christmas going to be like this year? We hope it's going to be filled with songs new and old that firmly link Christ to the -mas. That's why we're going to show off a few of the best versions of Christmas favorites right here on our front page.
TobyMac_-_Christmas_This_Year_(Feat._Leigh_Nash)_-_Operation_Christmas_Child_Music_Video Greensleeves_What_Child_Is_This_by_Kevin_Max_and_Stu_G
Jars_Of_Clay_-_"Drummer_Boy"_live Kathy_Troccoli_-_What_Child_Is_This
Aaron_Shust_-_Sanctuary_(Acoustic_Performance) BarlowGirl_-_Hallelujah_(Light_Has_Come)_Official_Music_Video_HD_Lyrics,Subtitulado,Tradução
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