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PeteFromLeeds PeteFromLeeds 3 days ago

Site-wide change of naming system

Hello all!

In my previous blogs, I have mentioned that I was planning on replacing the current artist/album/song naming system with one more similar to Wikipedia (the reasons were given in my first blog post). I'm giving you an update to say that I've written the bot scripts and am intending to run them tomorrow, so here is a little more detail into what will happen.

This morning, I ran my first bot script, which collected all the page titles on the Wiki and proposed new names for each of them. These names will be as follows:

  • First, the name of the artist/album/song is found. If there are no other pages on the Wiki which want this name, this will become the page title of the song.
  • If multiple pages want this title, but this page in question is…
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PeteFromLeeds PeteFromLeeds 9 days ago

Update: 26/07/2022

Hi all!

It's been a week since I penned my first blog post, and I've started making my first change to the site. This was to create a new guidance page for adding information to artists, which you are more than welcome to view. If you have any more suggestions for that page, you are more than welcome to leave them in the comments of this post.

I have also added a few more templates; namely, one denoting when an old guidance page is out of date, and another to put on categories encouraging editors to add new artists. I did temporarily change the stub template, before realising that it applied to song pages as well as artist ones! The front page has also been updated to show the progress so far.

The next step is that of changing album/song titl…

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PeteFromLeeds PeteFromLeeds 16 days ago

A message from your new admin!

Hello all! I've just completed the adoption of this wiki and I'd like to introduce myself 😊 I'm Pete, and I'm from Leeds in the UK. I have been a Christian for quite a few years (although I'll be the first to say I'm still very much on a journey), however I've only really gotten into Christian music over the last few. I founded the Britain's Got Talent Wiki many a year ago, I did found a couple more around 2014-15 that didn't last too long but I'm committed to making sure I stick around here.

I think God has made it clear to me that I need to come into this role with humility; I recognise that on my own I would just immediately re-design and change everything, but I'm aware that's not how I should be using this responsibility. I have also b…

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D-Pacian D-Pacian 19 May 2014

I love Christian Music. Who else does?

My favorite Bands are:(Not in order)

Desperation Band, Newsboys, The City Harmonic, Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe, Ivoryline, Aaron Keyes, Skillet, Kutless, The Glorious Unseen, Hyland, Fair, and Fee. What are yours.

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